Website Updates=Winter Project 2021

Market Season 2022 has come to a close. The community atmosphere was encouraging with folks braving the rain to visit The Market. This year’s Market Manager Orin, the vendors, and Ware (our host at Inga’s Galley) deserve a round of applause for their work creating a welcoming environment.

With the last day of the Market behind us, and the nights lengthening, soon it will be time to settle into computer work and indoor pursuits. The Market Board will be reflecting on this season and brainstorming for the next. We can be reached at and welcome folks to reach out and share ideas and questions as we consider how to help The Market thrive for years to come.

*If you thought about vending this season, but it didn’t come together- consider starting your plan this fall! By taking each step in small chunks- you will be prepared for the next Market season before you know it. *

  • Start by thinking about your interests and hobbies. Is there something you enjoy making in batches that could be scaled up to share? Something that takes some time and expertise to create?
  • Consider the Market Days you attended this season. What was missing that would complement other products available to purchase- but isn’t already being offered? What categories currently aren’t represented?
  • Make a list of different possibilities and consider what you would like to create, make, or grow for one or multiple market days. Check our Vendor page for tips!
  • Explore a few of your top ideas- do some research on supplies, costs and (if possible) make a sample.
  • Find a mentor or friend to share your inspiration with and bounce ideas with.
  • Select a direction and set goals to do the research, order supplies, prep work, create batches, or start growing.
  • Email us at the market board to ask questions about the business requirements and application process. Make sure to follow The Market on Facebook for updates and/or bookmark this site.
  • Order, gather, or make any packaging materials for your booth and start a booth kit to gather your materials.
  • Consider how you will create an interesting display on Market Day. Hint: Go vertical and shop your house for simple shelves, boxes, baskets, stands, trays, or other storage that provides a variety of height without competing with your goods.
  • Let people know what you are bringing to the market via word-of-mouth & social media.
  • Finish putting together your booth kit and supplies to take to Market day!