1st Market Day in 2 weeks!

Interested in vending? The first Market Day is May 28th from 11am-1pm.
Remember to:
1. Check in on your business status with the Petersburg Borough so you are prepared to pay the required sales tax.
2. Check in with the 2022 Market Manager Brandy Mulbury to reserve a vendor spot!
Email: psg.market@gmail.com
Phone: (907) 650-7540
3. Prep your Market Day kit: this is different for everyone, but typically includes:
-bags or packaging for your items
-cash change and perhaps another way to accept $
-your handmade/homegrown product and a way to easily transport it to Inga’s Galley.
-Signage and display items for your products (and practice setting up so it comes easier on the day).

See you at The Market