Vendors and Friends

Hello handmade & homegrown creative folks,

We are hosting this social to provide a space for creative people in our community to visit about their work. This is an informal event, we will be: sharing about upcoming projects, reflection on selling, and general visiting with others that have similar interests. You are welcome to bring samples, ideas, and questions to share. All ages are welcome! We hope to see a mix of experienced summer vendors, sellers who participate at Oktoberfest or other events, as well as people who enjoy creative hobbies and would like to mingle.

The idea for this event came from talking with several vendors about the process of designing their displays and how helpful it is to have a fellow vendor to share ideas with. We all have different obstacles to overcome and challenges to manage when sharing our handmade and homegrown items with the public. We hope to connect people with hobbies or small businesses and perhaps spark new relationships that help people find success and enjoy the process.

See you there!

Post Season Wrap Up & Fall Board Work

Hello Market Community! The board held a wrap up meeting in September to reflect on the season and decided to hold several additional meetings this fall to generate ideas and adjust our work in response to feedback on the season. We are grateful to everyone in The Market community for taking a moment to reflect on potential improvements! Our focus as a board for 2023 is communication. We are considering how we can best reach our two interconnected audiences (vendors & market goers) so they don’t miss out on essential planning time or market days. How do you stay up-to-date with happenings about town? Reach out to us at with your thoughts about communication and The Market.

We have tentatively scheduled a November 2022 event for vendors and makers in the community to connect- more to come on that very soon. This will an opportunity for makers and others who are interested in similar projects to visit, share ideas, and possibly even give each other a peek at what is in the works. I think getting together to talk about our creative endeavors to an important part of sustaining creative work.

Happy Fall,

Lisa Schramek Adams