2023 Market Preseason

Our Mission: The Petersburg Market is a not-for-profit, community-focused, and volunteer-powered organization. We work to provide a space for regional vendors to sell homemade, handcrafted and homegrown items; we also provide space for hands-on service providers and appropriate local non-profit organizations.

Welcome! Our volunteer board typically meets January through May and we had our first meeting this week! In these meetings we bring our ideas together and make numerous decisions for the upcoming season including: scheduling, budgeting, organizing advertising, vendor outreach, outside of market day events, planning for and hiring a market manager. We split up the volunteer work to suit our skill sets and tackle the projects until about a month before the market- then the market manager becomes the point person and works to coordinate with vendors and begin the season. We do our best to base our choices about the season on community and vendor feedback that fits with the mission of The Market (see above). Our board is made up of volunteers that are excited to help The Market thrive and shift as needed. This year our team is: Lisa Schramek, Amy Anderson), Elizabeth Walsh, Marja Smets, Deborah Hurley, Jenna Wilson-Ashby, & Shannon McCullough. All of the board are returning members and most are current or former Market vendors. Those collective years of experience planning and running small businesses are invaluable to creating a successful Market that creates opportunities in our community.

If you are thinking about selling at The Market this year take a peek at our Vendor pages on our website and reach out to us at psg.market@gmail.com with questions about planning or expectations for sellers. Each market day is a separate commitment and while we encourage participation in multiple days, some vendors only participate once. Official registration for the 2023 season will begin in May when the market manager begins their seasonal paid position. You need a business license to participate as a seller at the Market so contact Camie at the Petersburg Borough to get that squared away ahead of time. Local non-profit organizations are also encouraged to participate. The Market is an excellent spot to share your mission, upcoming events, and meet people in the community that might not know about your work or events. Take a look at our Get Involved page if you are curious about The Market. We look forward to seeing you this summer!- Lisa