Will you be selling food at The Market?

Everyone eats! One of the appealing categories of sale items each market are homegrown produce and cottage foods. The appeal of cottage foods for vendors is that they can often be created in batches vs. growing or crafting that takes places on a longer timescale. It is important to have a delicious consistent recipe AND to satisfy the Alaska guidelines for selling food. Dive in and see what requirements there are for selling food on this DEC page for Farmers Markets.

Happy Making!

2023 Preseason: Plant Swap and KFSK Interview

It is time for Market vendors and the community to get excited about the upcoming season!

Our next preseason event is the Start Swap (or Plant Swap). This is a warm up to The Market season, located at the 2023 Market venue Inga’s Galley, and hosted by members of the Market Board.

We will have copies of the Market Schedule, 2023 Vendor Applications, and a fun activity for kids. If you have extra starts, seeds, house plants, perennials or gardening equipment- bring it to share and trade. If you don’t, no worries, come anyway! There always seems to be extra for interested folks and we do this event to promote community interest in gardening and connections betweens veteran and new gardeners.

If you’d like to hear more, The Ordinary Good on KFSK radio recently interviewed several board members and a longtime vendor. Listen Here: Ordinary Good Radio Interview for 2023 Market Season

Happy Spring,