The Petersburg Market is a not-for-profit, community-focused, and volunteer-powered organization. We work to provide a space for regional vendors to sell homemade, handcrafted and homegrown items; we also provide space for hands-on service providers and appropriate local non-profit organizations.

The Market History

When the Market began in 2009, the market board was the group of volunteers that came up with the idea- then planned, ran, and reflected on the season. Through fundraising and grant support efforts, in 2015, the volunteer board was able to hire the first market manager. The volunteer board still plans the season and runs the non-profit behind The Market and are the go-to helpers for the seasonal manager. The all-volunteer board plans the season, coordinates local advertising, hires the seasonal manager, manages the paperwork, applies for funding, and helps as needed to keep The Market happening each year for the vendors and the community. In 202O, The Market went all-online using the regional platform Salt & Soil to provide selling opportunities for vendors. In 2021, The Market focused on increasing the number of homegrown smallholding booths by offering several micro-grants to vendor applicants and was held outdoors at Inga’s Galley (owned by Ware a former vendor) twice per month. In 2022, The Market was again held outdoors at Inga’s Galley.

We are excited to continue supporting current vendors and recruiting new vendors to The Market. We can be reached at psg.market@gmail.com and welcome everyone to reach out and share ideas as we consider how to help The Market thrive for years to come.

The Market Board


Marja Smets

Deborah Hurley

Elizabeth Walsh

Lisa Schramek

Jenna Wilson-Ashby

Amy Anderson

Shannon McCullough

Market Manager

Each spring, the Board hires a Market Manager for the season. The manager serves as the main contact person and handles communication with market vendors, customers and other stakeholders. The manager is also responsible for recruiting and maintaining relationships with vendors and with advertising to promote Market events. They are present from set-up to clean-up at each Market event to assist vendors and customers, record attendance/sales data and sell Market merchandise.

2022 Brandy Mulbury

2021 Orin Pierson

2020 Shannon McCullough

2019 Courtney Truex

2017 & 18 Shannon McCullough

2015 & 2016 Chelsea Tremblay

Market Day Memories

Thank You Petersburg

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